LI TRUST offers comprehensive services such as cross-border data transfer, subtitle translation and production, DCP creation, DCP with subtitles external subtitles, DCP encryption/decryption, DCP to HD conversion, rental and sale of subtitle projectors, subtitle operators, and screening services. We are commited to providing professional technical services that help overcome challenges in the import and export of film and television content.
  • Cinema DCP Production,Packaging and Transcoding

    -2K/4K/3D/IMAX DCP Production

    -Conversion of 2K/4K/3D/IMAX DCP to Digital HD format

    -DCP decryption (DKDM required)

    -DCP Multilingual/Subtitle Embedding

    -Blu-ray Disc Decryption and Conversion to DCP

    -Full Package Services for Film Screening at Film Festivals

  • Film subtitle translation production and editing

    -Multiple language translation of subtitles and scripts

    -Multiple language Subtitle Production/Bilingual Subtitle Production

    -Subtitle Compression Services

    -Preliminary Review and Editing of Film Censorship Content

    -Translation of promotional videos and other videos

  • Cross-border High-speed File Transfer

    -High-speed Transfer of Single Files over 100 GB

    -High-speed Transfer of Large Files in China and Foreign Countries

    -High-speed Downloading of Overseas Videos

    -High-speed Transfer of Files to overseas locations

  • Other Services

    -Video Subtitle Compression Services

    -Video Dubbing Services in Various Languages

    -DVD/Blu-ray Disc to Digital HD

    -DVD/CD/Blu-ray Disc Production

    -Production of digital files for Blu-ray/DVD Discs

Case Studies

LI TRUST currently provided services for over a thousand films at domestic and foreign film festivals. Typical cases include:

Provided over 400 films for the Hainan Island International Film Festival from 2019 to 2022.

Provided services for China National Film Museum Bulgarian Film Exhibition, Polish Film Exhibition, Spanish Film Exhibition, Argentina Film Exhibition, Russian Film Exhibition, Finnish Film Exhibition, German Film Exhibition, Greek Film Exhibition, etc. from 2020 to 2022.

Provided cross-border file transfer, subtitle translation and production, DCP production, DCP subtitle embedding services for the Changchun Film Festival in China in 2020.

Provided cross-border file transfer, subtitle translation and production, DCP production, DCP subtitle embedding services for The One International Women's Film Festival from 2018 to 2021.

Provided translation and subtitle production services for several sections of the Beijing International Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival Provided technical services like translation, dubbing, DCP production, and cross-border data transfer for Broadway Cinemas, Cannes Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, CCTV, Tencent, Youku, iQIYI, and other top platforms.

LI TRUST Co., Ltd.

Established in 2015, LI TRUST is China's first company dedicated to providing translation and dubbing services for film and television. We strive to maintain the authenticity of each film and television work while preserving its local features, making them accessible to individuals, families, organizations, and institutions.

We hold the belief that film and television productions are a cultural medium with unique mass appeal, extensive influence, and impactful communicative power. They act as valuable openings and conduits to acquaint oneself with foreign cultures, as well as enable others to learn about our own. For this reason, subtitle translation has emerged as an increasingly significant field for cultural exchange. In subtitle translation, translators connect the original authors and target audiences by drawing upon various knowledges within their own cognitive context. They aim to create pertinent subtitles and produce the optimal contextual effect, allowing the audience to fully understand and appreciate the film with minimal effort with subtitles. Such efforts also hold considerable merit in terms of our responsibility to provide professional translation services, whereby we approach each film and television production as an important cultural exchange and offer the most appropriate linguistic rendition.

Our core principles center around serving the film and television industry and offering top-quality professional skills. With an unwavering commitment to our craft, we are dedicated to supporting global cultural exchanges through our efforts to engage audiences on a worldwide scale.

We firmly stand by the belief that every film and television work should have a universal interpretation that allows each piece of media to reach a broader audience than ever before.


Learn more about us through our latest news and company updates. With utmost sincerity, we offer you 100% dedication.

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